It was a perfectly normal day. Full of daily arguments in between the ‘never had communications’. This semantic gap, nurtured over years in the two hearts under the same roof, had just taken another worse turn. Nothing was unusual. Neither the mother whose heart was nearly broken, shattered and completely smashed for having lost her first child, emotionally, nor the daughter, who has been fighting fate, all alone, since years.

The two beautiful females, sharing the same blood, the same ache – kept weeping, ‘separately’, for another day.

However, the day doesn’t end here. Something unusual did befall. Extremely melancholic, like a heavy storm, leaving behind all the sadness and anxiety.

That day a Mother; hurt and exhausted; cursed her own born to death.

Holding her tears back, all a young heart with little did she knew, could do was keep questioning the almighty and fate whether to give up or keep fighting the battle?

” Yes mom you’re right,
I had been never so bright.
Your care I often mislead,
But trust me I never meant this.
Hurting you kills my soul,
But I wasn’t being ‘me’ anymore.
Your princess has got a fine to pay,
I’ve got no idea what else to say.
She’s cursed with a deadly breath,
And what you felt was just moment insane.
Please don’t cry for this crazy fate,
May it turn in heavenly Phase. “