~ ❤ Lost Love ❤ ~

I had almost forgotten how it used to feel in your arms. Yes, almost. Your leftovers no more made me cry. The places we went have new memories now. The talks, those insane lovey Dovey talks are nothing but meaningless. The streets, which used to haunt me long before when you were gone, are now my way to nowhere.

Sometimes when I just look around, may it be staring at the wall, eating something or just trying to catch some sleep, and then just out of the blue, all of a Sudden, it hits me hard that you’re gone, that you’re no more a part of my life.

Those few moments, I just go blank. My breath gets heavy, like it’s counting each one I am taking without you. The body gets cold, starts to shiver and head goes completely numb. For that split second, I swear, all I wish is to believe that it was just a nightmare, and it would all change, when I wake up.

In some lonely nights, your memories may wander around me, the times we had shared, the passionate moments, the unkept promises. It’s so sad that an entire day of being strong, of being over you, is ruined by that one thought, that bloody uninvited moment when I realise, that you’re gone forever.

However, I don’t crave for you now. It may have made me feel guilty for the way it all ended, ‘we’ ended, but it doesn’t make me want you in my life again. Our memories may accompany me in dark nights, in the tough moments except for the good times. You’re not the first person I wish to call now, for anything that happens to me, and this has made all the difference.


We might still be in Love, but it’s not same anymore.