A beautiful day was heading right away, but my love, preferred night.

There was no room for a ‘No’, as I saw his Glittery eyes.

He wandered hard to make my day, while the Irony was in Gloom.

The night finally conceded us, as the song of love bloomed.

The moment of commitment confined us, no less than in a wink.

Season of romance blushed, and raining love blinked.

Stars’ shimmering for our special night, Twilight was on its way.

He found me glittering more than any heavenly ray.

He wrapped me in the closet of arms, the safest place to lie.

Whispered the magic, like nocturnal singing blithe.

The Glamour doesn’t cease, unlike nightfall.

The sweet gift of the birthday was yet to draw.

We lay down upon the falling stars, and he leaned towards me.

We shrunk in one another, while the Moon witnessed the glee.  

– The Tantrums of Silence.

A poem, from my personal favourites.
– Ayushi Kaushal.