I felt you again in my sleep last night. Like always, my dreams of you are peripheral. I could see you, smiling, so close, and living in the deepest Desire of winning me back. I could feel your vivacious gaze at me, constantly tearing me down to my knees.

I was collapsing out of the blue, eager to run, beyond your reach. But you were so alive, so intact, like never before.

I heard your name being mentioned. I saw your bleeding letter in my hand and an ultimate desperation of mine to read it before I wake.

The stains and creases on the sheets and your divine smell in the room, where I knew you were just minutes before. I was breathing your love all around, and the aroma was compelling me to devote my soul once again, and get ruined.

And there you were, within a shorthand distance, but surprisingly inches felt like miles today.

I was choking with the sudden realisation that my dreams are a mirror of my waking world. Just like I’m hungry for finding myself walking down the street where I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of you.

I think you still rule over me. Inside your dreams, I still crave for freedom. I am a prisoner of your intact love, with its prints all over my heart. You’ve kept me captive here with your insane will, and I fear I may not come out for ages.

 – The Tantrums of Silence.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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