I fall and I fail. That’s how my destiny is or that’s what you call your fate. I don’t know how to play my role efficiently. I don’t know how to dissatisfy your evilness. With each passing dawn, you want me to prove myself, and I am mysteriously terrible at it.

You want me to undo all that is wrong. You see me as a ray of light in the lone darkness. You seek me in those sparkling eyes of lovers. Yet, I am futile or at least that’s how someone thinks of me.

The very truth is when you keep your face buried in your palms, shoulders headed down; it is either you pray to the almighty or cries your heart out begging me for change. This is when you mercilessly burden me with all your intolerance. Unlike you, I might not be physical, but what tears me apart is your utter faith in me while knowing that ‘this’ is your Territory, and I am nothing less than a ‘nobody’ here. It is you who makes me, not me who can’t drive you.

Trust me on this, I laugh at the Irony of your staggering belief on my willingness. You count your failures and still hold on to me, and in return, I can’t even defend the slightest possibility of satisfaction. My presence is as Meaningless as love without sacrifice. Therefore, My dear little-scared heart, I want you to know that I am no powerful as you are.  So, next time when you need help, help yourself. And meanwhile, free me from the guilt of not making up to your expectations.

Nobody can hear me sobbing, bidding farewell to this greedy world. I don’t blame you, just don’t blame me either.

 – Says hope.

 Picture Credits: Pinterest

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