I did it wrong. All wrong. And I know it. You might be thinking how could I be so selfish and heartless? You are right to have that thought. I loved him, might be a lot more than you do, but I left. I left because I had to, because I was not the one for him, but you are.

I won’t be able to confess my reasons to him, and he would have never understood that I had left no heart hurting the same way, as I had left mine. However, I want you to do me a favour, please? Do what I should have done, stay by his side, always. Fill his heart with so much love, that he may forget that I existed once. Restore his faith in love and that he deserves a lot of it. Please do take the best care of him, and did I mention that he dislikes sweets and often falls sick in winters.

I want you to take care of his anger as well, as he often gets annoyed when he feels low. Make sure that you never let him take any step in anger. Do not judge him when he is angry, he might even cry when you’ll ask him softly. He might seem rough and tough from far, while actually may be falling apart. Also, don’t leave him alone when it’s raining, and if insists still don’t let him be. Please don’t get suspicious if he couldn’t make time for you, and please don’t give up on him if he ever starts missing me.

All you should do is to lend him a moment of comfort, hold him tight and let him rest, wrapped in your arms, and let him Heal.

I hurt him, not because it felt right, but it was all I could do. Back then, when I loved him, he was young and bright and so was I, but what constrained us was that we were never on the same page. We wanted different things in life and watching him getting hurt every day was no better than hurting him once and for all.

I had to set him free from my love, to let him evolve. But today, he must be better off without me and my ultimate wish for you is that you may never have to do, what I did to him. Today, I can free myself from this guilt as I know; now you’re there for him, forever.

Picture Credits: Pinterest 

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