“Does it make sense to you?”

“Yes, very much.”

“But I’m not convinced yet.”

“Why not? Am I any different from you? I had born with you, lived with you since years, and have continuously evolved with you. You are me, and I’m you.”

It’s dark. Not possibly the darkness that night brings. This is very different. This darkness is consoling but meanwhile, destroys you. A darkness, with no possible loopholes, such even the brightest of stars can’t take it down. Something of its own kind. Something which lives within, grows within, and even follows us to the graveyard. Something very inseparable. Something which never ceases to continue and takes full control over your mind and body.

To be precise you can call it a counterpart of oneself. It is your other half, just not the better one. ‘Demons’, you must have heard the word!

When I was a kid, I had heard that “Goodness and evilness both lies within our soul and any of them may rule over us. This certainly depends on us, which one of the two, we let in.” As a kid, you welcome all that which comes to you. However, lessons lived with an open mind are always worth, and so it was.

My Demons have grown with me, like anyone else. They rehearse with me, dragging me towards evilness. They intend to take complete control over me. And you must believe me, they are comforting, as hell. Goodness demands sacrifices, it gets you hurt, repeatedly. After all, what else would you sustain in return from this evil world? But the Demons, they make you feel warm and wanted and willing and what not!

In real, no single man wishes immorality to triumph, but the way it makes you feel contented and happy, Demons wins over your soul, at least once in a while.

I see it as “Give and take” rule. First, you receive the utter satisfaction, like you’re feeding over all of your favourite dishes and drinks at once; driving away your ultimate thirst for Elixir, and then it haunts you forever for doing it all wrong. Indeed it’s a witty deed, but for once when you feel real weak in your knees, it brings heaven to your door. And how can you discard it? Right?

It’s sad that Demons have continued to convince all of us that we’re better this way, ravaging and then stinking. However, the truth is humans don’t really stink, but what stinks is the evilness nurturing within them.

“I don’t really know if you’re here for my good or bad, but there must be something about you, that makes me want you. Maybe you were right. We aren’t any different.”

– Me, to my Demons.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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