Trying was all I could do, for the ache that denies to depart.

You said our love is eternal, then why didn’t it last?

Days are rainy, so are my eyes,

Why hurting me, if it was all a lie?

We made a beautiful poem, then why did the poetry died?

On my way to heaven, why did you left my side?

Once inΒ Harmony,Β my heart, and soul

With you lived in peace, why now in pieces?

You plotted your scent in my breath, and I’m still feeling high,

Tell me the truth, Am I an emotional toy?

The wrinkles you left, and the bed sheet stains,

If I were to remove, then why did you made me woo?

You sired me to love, and I happily kept falling,

Naive I was, was that my fallacy?

– Ayushi Kaushal, The Tantrums of Silence.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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