Dear you,

Let me be heard today?

Turn the Volume of your fancies down,

For my concise to make a sound

You’ve spoken enough to carve my ways,

Allow me to help myself, today?

’cause a wise man once said;

“Every great thought was once isolated”

And I beg your pardon, for Heaven’s sake,

Hear me once, what I have to say?

I’ve heard enough, ’bout the Tender roads; you claim

Mine’s supposed to be dark, and rough,

’cause I love to break the chains.

We may win tracking the footsteps of doer’s,

But the World needs more of you and me, and our originality dumped in artistic corners.

I’m afraid to live someone else’s definition of dreams,

So, let me live my own, & dance to the rhythm of ordeals.

’cause we may surely win, with all that you have to offer,

Instead, I choose to believe, & paint my own canvas to conquer.

Ayushi Kaushal, The Tantrums of Silence.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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