Hello, Let’s have a chit chat

’cause I’m not sleepy by time

Yes, My dear Uncle Moon 🌚,

Let’s share our secrets tonight.

You say a thing, then I’ll say mine ☺

Aren’t you jealous of Sun 🌞, or just love him for making you shine?

You’re there, up above the sky,

How come you’re too brave, aren’t you afraid of heights 😱?

Are these dark circles on your face,

Aren’t you too aging like my grandma 👵, though she aged and died?

How come you’re too quiet, perhaps missing your shimmering allies 🌠,

Don’t you feel so fright, they’ll return once leaves this cloudy night 🌥

Till then, tell me something; Stars and you ⭐🌚,

Do you ever fight, when things aren’t right 🤔💭?

Are those your siblings, or partners in crime?

My teacher mentions you in class, says; “you keep rotating day and night 💫”

I guess you enjoy swinging more, do you care if I too join?

Do you have friends, like I have mine? 👭

‘Nine’ were you, why gave up on “Pluto 👾”, wasn’t he just fine?

Oh, we talked till late, as I missed the track of time ⏰,

Would you sing me to sleep, like my Mom does every night 🎶?


Picture Credits: Pinterest

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