Long ago, I had lost a part of it. Somewhere in my innocence, maybe! Since then, every time I lose an extra ounce of it, i feel quite heavy.

Yeah, that’s right! Losing up can actually make you feel heavier instead of lighter. It’s just has to be something that you truely wanted to take ahead. 

With each passing dawn, I wish I could make it upto you. Somehow. Anyhow. But I seemed to have failed you so bad, ‘that bad’ that there’s nothing really left behind to hope for.

Even the ‘hope’ scares me to death now. If incase, in any fucking case, it really came out to be a true warrier, I fear I will loose the battle at my end. 

Because as my hopes are fading, so is my strength to accept love.

           Artwork Credits: Pinterest.

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