Pain changes us all. Whenever the wheel of time turns, and puts us in a furnace of circumstances, we’re given no choice but to evolve. ☘

The destiny burns us to make us more fertile. A way more stronger than we used to be. You can’t be really free from things, until you chose to face them. And once you face your misfortunes with wide open arms, there’s nothing that can beat your productivity.

So, whenever you’re awarded with pain and hurt, let it all flow through you. Let it burn you as much as it can. Because the one who will emerge out of these flames with be a pure soul. A soul which knows things for better. All you’ve to make sure is you must not lose yourself in those flames, instead you should chose to rise and brighten the lives around you, just like the Sun🌞 does!

Because the one with no calibre to bear the hurt, has no right to feel the heal. 🌼


          Artwork Credits: Pinterest.

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