As a matter of fact, all the statements issued by ‘science’ about one of the most crucial entities for humans ‘time’, are pointless, unless you’re someone sitting in the laboratory, eager for gifting the world your remarkable inventions. Explicitly, the point here is; indeed we worship the dignity of time but we often fail to realize that time serves a major role in the chapter called ‘Regrets’.

Yes, you read it right, ‘Regrets’. Anything you’re prohibiting yourself to do today, which needs to be done for good, leads you to regret it later. And we’re all practically aware with this feeling of regretting things later. My ambush observation claims that the things which you don’t give an attempt to but meanwhile wanted to, generate a greater amount of disgust and regrets than something you did but failed in.

Through my past experiences, I’ve come across a variety of people. Regardless of the fact that they were enough ambitious and determined towards things, what surprised or rather disheartened me the most is that they’ve been waiting for the ‘right time’ to make a move in the direction of their goals. And as always, I couldn’t digest the idea of the RIGHT TIME. And, here it is, I found the root cause of regrets!

How on earth would you know that it’s the right time for anything?

The only answer I figured out is that Nobody knows.

Then why so much hustle about the right time? Do it has some leverages over it or it simplifies things for you? Nothing like that. The major reason is that you’re afraid to make a move, so instead of risking it now, you tend to store the risk for the future.

The concept of right time is futile, and trust me if you’re waiting to do something which needs to be done no matter how smaller the task is, and waiting for the right time for the same, it is never going to come! Why? Because by the right time, here we actually mean ‘the time when you’ll be ready’ and practically you’ll never be ready because you’re too busy fooling around yourself but you never had the guts to go and do it.

Hence, my dear friends, for the love of almighty please stop beating around the bush.

Want to do something historic? Go, create history.

Want to start anew? Go, take a stand and start it.

Want to confess something? Go, say it.

The more time you waste thinking about it, you’re missing out on something. The world is too busy to acknowledge the facts of the previous days. Prepare yourself to do it today. In fact Now! There’s nothing like the concept of right time, and your clock of the lifetime is too short. Every second you delay, you’re running out of time and truly nobody knows what might happen the very next moment. All you have is this moment, and in this moment you’ve to trust yourself that you’re enough prepared and you’ll fall in love with the process of learning on your way. But I quote; “Do not ever expect the results”. It is your fear of failure which stops you. For an instance, if you intend to tell someone their place in your life, go, take the step. But do not expect the same from them or anyone. Saying it will lessen your burden, make you fearless and blunt, enough to accept where you stand, because all those who fear to accept their reality, are digging their own pits. Do not forget, Universe admires brave souls.

A similar concept applies to all the other things as well. If you wish to be regret free, you need to observe your actions and take the move fearlessly. This is my piece of advice for you, Go free your heart from all the guilt and move on fiercely in the direction of your dreams. Because the more you try to bury it, the more you’ll suffer. The clock keeps ticking, always, and you need to take the stand now. There is no other way to live a life which entertains honesty and bravery.

It’s better to try your heart and fail than to burden yourself with the regret of not doing it in the first place.

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