It’s quite hard to choose between the dreams of someone who has been there in your all thick and thins, wanted and wished the best for you, always, and your own dreams.

How could she possibly turn him down when the only thing he wants on the table is his dreamy li’l girl to be someone? Someone, the world considers worthy. Yes, it’s hard, especially coming from her dad.

She always knew it was coming, ‘his dreams over hers’. But she adored her small little dreamy world where only the wings of fantasies win, all the time and not some hustling world.

This certainly doesn’t mean that she fears or denies living the cruel life, the only difference was she hopes to bring the goodness of her small world into this world of pity. And her hopes, “her goddamn hopes”, she sees them as some electric ocean waves hitting the shores, vibrant and lively. There’s no way she wouldn’t believe that the world would ever change its pace and meet hers. She denies living the reality because she is so much desperate to bring her own reality into life.

She didn’t know how, all she knew was it has to be on the table, some day, in any face, in any possible way, anyhow. A change that would change the world for good and she’ll no more be alone to witness the sunshine, ‘the sunshine’ only she could see today. The most possible hopeful, warming, and welcoming sunshine this world could ever witness.

Instead, her nerve got stuck in the dreams of her dad. He’s the man, has always been and will always be. But is that supposed to mean she should defy her own perspective? He must be the happiest person on the day his dreams will come true, which is magnificent indeed. But the question here is, will she ever be good enough to meet the expectations of this man, the one which demands to fight with this world? Is she willing to turn down someone who loves her more than anything else in the world? Can’t she just once put his dreams over hers?

What will she choose, her father’s dream to conquer the world or her quest to fight for (instead of, with) the world? What would you, if you were her?


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