We all make choices which make us question our sanity. I understand that humans are ought to be learners and not perfectionists.  But what I don’t understand is why is it so difficult for us to accept that ‘Everything doesn’t work the same way for everybody’.

You’ve made your choices? Good.

You’ve made them right? Even Better!

You’ve made them wrong? PERFECT!

The only problem should be in not making any. Because this indicates that you’re afraid of everything else but your comfort zone.

Until and unless we have made plenty of wrong choices, we will never end up with the right one. As a result, we will always be too afraid to make any.

Life isn’t a straight line, it’s a roller coaster, and unless you hold the grip tight with both hands, you’ll lose it.

Similar concept works with goals and dreams, if you don’t take the charge of your own dreams, you’ll end up unaccomplished.

Likewise, people aren’t so easy. It’s never too straight with them as well. You think you are suffering? Well, we all are, in our own ways. We’re all messed up, some are even smashed with the idea of making a living. The only difference is some people choose to bear with it, some don’t.

In this context, if we’re all so imperfect, in this imperfect world, among imperfect beings, how could our choices be straight or perfect?

How can I make a choice today and be sure that the other morning I’ll feel the same about it? I can’t. I can make a choice today, but I can’t escape the uncertainty of its correctness. We spend half of our lives bearing the pain of regrets and the other half in the attempt to turn the wrong choices into right ones. We are so much in a quest to be ‘successful’ that we forget behind the success lies a long list of failure stories before you get there.

Whether it is about your career, family, love, or just for your life, everybody is as confused as you are. There might be some certain of their passion and objectives but most of us are still the discoverers, and waiting for a right move to be taken for us.

You think you have always messed up things, never ever took a stand because you didn’t believe in what you deserve in the first place? Well, you’re Messy, and so I am. We’re all the same flesh and blood, driven with similar insecurities and challenges. 

You think that you’ve failed in finding success on a certain path while the other succeeded in the same? Well, maybe it wasn’t the one for you, maybe for that person, the path was just not a path but a beautiful process, and for you, it was just your way out and nothing else. Because as much as success needs determination it needs the courage to continue and which comes only from the entitlement of your own passion and not someone else’s.

You think you’ve failed in finding true love while maybe someone has just failed in keeping one. You know, why? Because of choices! At the end of the day, you’ll always have something to cry about. Whether it is something the person has and you don’t, or something which you had, but lost, or something which excites you enough but you’re crazy enough to believe that it isn’t your piece of cake.


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Here, out of so much sadness of my own, I am sharing something personal with you. I never liked the way I am, although I respected my dreams, desires, gut feelings and everything that made me who I am but never admired the personality I own. It was just because I was longing for something more plausible. Maybe, up until now, some of you are on the same page with me. Maybe you too have never appreciated yourself, as appreciation requires faith and healthy perception, which most of our generation is lacking out of our insecurities. Either we are too proud or we are dumb enough to make ourselves feel like a slag. We haven’t yet learned to make peace with what we have, and have the courage to accomplish what we may have without second-guessing ourselves.


Am I allowed to raise a question here?

What have you done so wrong that you are underestimating your will powers?

Maybe something. Once. Twice. Thrice. I bet not more than that!

But chances are you haven’t done anything at all.

How do I know that? Because when I asked this question to my insecurities, I couldn’t answer it at all. I soon enough realized that I was trying to hide my capabilities behind my comfort zone. Moreover, I was trying to control what was not in my hands. I was just beating around the bush by telling myself that I ain’t capable, these dreams are too big, and in turn, escaping the things I should be doing.

Most of the times we have it all, dreams, desires, sometimes resources as well, but still are too afraid to make a move. Not because it isn’t worth a shot, however, because we don’t give us the liberty to take it.



Nobody is born perfect, and nobody knows when you end up surprising yourself. Beyond your comfort zone, there are endless possibilities, and these possibilities don’t give a damn about ‘How messed up you are right now’.

I might be sounding ironic, as I just told you that I felt the same way “Low and Hopeless” for myself. Well, very often I still feel the same way, remember? Humans aren’t born to be perfect. However, I have stopped giving myself the liberty to believe think that “Someone else will live my dream, while I sit here, second guessing myself”.

Maybe you’re doing good in your comfort zone today, but trust me, no one has ever ended up happy staying there forever. Don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else of doubting yourself every other second. If you won’t work hard for your own dreams today, someday, someone will hire you to work for his. Take the stand, and might be that stand wrong or shivering today, but it will be strong one day by the reflection of your own guts and dreams.

My Piece of Advice:

Your flaws, Your Imperfections, Your ‘Everything’, which isn’t the ‘something’ of others, is your greatest strength. You might not see it today, but you’ll end up admiring them one day, only if you learn to make peace with your negativity, not with comfort zones.

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