The Tantrums of Silence

Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers. | Ayushi kaushal.


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Suck it Up.

Pain changes us all. Whenever the wheel of time turns, and puts us in a furnace of circumstances, we're given no choice but to evolve. ☘ The destiny burns us to make us more fertile. A way more stronger than... Continue Reading →


Bit by bit She's losing all of her love to escape being hurt. ❀   Artwork Credits: Pinterest. Follow Instagram. Follow Facebook. Do you feel me? Let me know!  

Devil’s Eye.

β€œDoes it make sense to you?” β€œYes, very much.” β€œBut I’m not convinced yet.” β€œWhy not? Am I any different from you? I had born with you, lived with you since years, and have continuously evolved with you. You are... Continue Reading →

Says hope…

I fall and I fail. That’s how my destiny is or that’s what you call your fate. I don’t know how to play my role efficiently. I don’t know how to dissatisfy your evilness. With each passing dawn, you want... Continue Reading →


Freedom is rare in a Society where Love has to be hidden behind the walls, but Violence is practiced in broad daylight.

A Cup of Coffee, my favourite Book, and Loneliness

There is something about Loneliness which has always attracted me. It has been truly said; β€œLoneliness is addictive”. I often look around myself; this Generation, Probably the fastest evolving generation. I find it heartbreaking when I see how skilled we... Continue Reading →

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