The Tantrums of Silence

Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers. | Ayushi kaushal.

To the Moon, and never back.

A romantic Poem from a hopeless lover, craving and finding love under the moonlight, upon the falling stars. Have a look!

"What could have gone wrong, with you being by my side? we would have been in love, till eternity. Nevertheless the Sunshine, we could have enjoyed the dusk, you being by my side, I would have conquered the world. After... Continue Reading →

~ ❤ Lost Love ❤ ~ I had almost forgotten how it used to feel in your arms. Yes, almost. Your leftovers no more made me cry. The places we went have new memories now. The talks, those insane lovey... Continue Reading →


Freedom is rare in a Society where Love has to be hidden behind the walls, but Violence is practiced in broad daylight.


It was a perfectly normal day. Full of daily arguments in between the ‘never had communications’. This semantic gap, nurtured over years in the two hearts under the same roof, had just taken another worse turn. Nothing was unusual. Neither... Continue Reading →

A Cup of Coffee, my favourite Book, and Loneliness

There is something about Loneliness which has always attracted me. It has been truly said; “Loneliness is addictive”. I often look around myself; this Generation, Probably the fastest evolving generation. I find it heartbreaking when I see how skilled we... Continue Reading →

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