There is something about Loneliness which has always attracted me. It has been truly said; “Loneliness is addictive”.

I often look around myself; this Generation, Probably the fastest evolving generation. I find it heartbreaking when I see how skilled we have become in allowing connections to fade away. Not just the worldly connections, but the connections which nurture us, which comes from within – the Soul.

Amidst the chaos of life, when you intent to sit alone and let the silence speak, that very moment; you taste the sweetness of solitude.

The whole concept of being blessed with the capability of not fearing solitude; amazes me. I realised how lucky are those who are not afraid of their own company. The ones who are not always desperately looking for something to amuse them, or to judge – those are the real gems.

I finally believed that Silence is that ‘Key’ which holds the calibre to unlock ones’ wisdom and strike several chords and notes of the Mind.

Once you get to know, how fascinating the self-company is, you start to crave more of it. The need for another soul around you vanishes!

A Cup of Coffee, your favourite book and the Silent surroundings no more makes you feel left out. Suddenly, the panorama alters, and loneliness turns into freedom.

Although a soul at peace is rare. Factually, what one encounters are the exotic amount of thoughts, invisible demons and cracked shadows to fight. However, when you get to know yourself a bit more, you no more feel the need for someone to sing you to sleep.

As you learn to fight your darkness alone, your soul turns out to be a bit brighter; after every triumph.

I kept wandering to quench my parching thirst of contentment, but found no shelter. Until, I found my way back to listen what my coffee, my favourite book and loneliness has to say, and then Silence began to Converse.